Winning Your Child To Christ

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As Christian parents, our primary goal should be to raise the next generation to serve Christ. 
Easier said than done, right? 
Well, the goal becomes more apparent when you consider the options. The reality is that you will either raise your child to follow Christ, or you will raise them to follow the world.

Written for parents who desire to raise well-rounded Christian children, this insightful book offers fundamental steps to achieve the promise of Acts 2:39.

With this easy-to-read, practical guide, you will gain new, Biblical perspectives surrounding the age of accountability and Salvation. You will obtain insights into how the world uses media and fashion to draw children away from God. And you will discover how to pray specifically and expectantly for your children’s faith, character, safety, relationships, and future.



WINNING YOUR CHILD TO CHRIST is a must-read for Christian parents, a book I heartily endorse. Concise, yet in-depth, simple with lofty principles. An impressive quick read for today's very busy parents, who want just the facts. The title implies a scriptural directive/imperative.
Well written. I strongly recommend it.

Rev. Dr. C.R. Bernard
SWEC Ministries, Brooklyn, NY

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Kebrina Robinson is the author of Tiny but Mighty: Five Great Kids of the Bible and Jayjay’s Jamaican Vacation. Before delving into children’s literature, Kebrina spent many years as a Sunday school teacher and an avid actress in several Biblical productions.
Called by the Lord to follow Him and announce the Gospel to the world, she also serves as managing director of Check It Corp, an international Christian nonprofit organization.

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Winning Your Child To Christ

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